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Muri's 7 Point Agenda

A Breath of Fresh Air

“For so long, Kogi has been under bad leadership. I am bringing a Breath of Fresh Air and Fresh Ideas for the good of the State.” – MURI

Security, Peace and Harmony

Our primary goal is to secure lives and property in Kogi State. We shall prioritize social security, provide essential services, support law enforcement agencies, and collaborate with community leaders. We aim to stimulate the economy by ensuring timely payment of civil servants' salaries, reducing the likelihood of youth involvement in crime. Additionally, we seeks to foster harmonious relationships among diverse groups to prevent tribal and sectional tensions and grievances in the region.

Economic Development And Job Creation

We are committed to enhancing our state's economic stability by reducing dependence on federal revenue. We aim to promote commerce, industry, and wealth creation through national and international funding for small and medium-scale industries, rectify past leadership deficits, and transition to a private-sector-driven economy. We plan to attract global investors through economic summits and support the completion of the Ajaokuta Steel Company project.

Quality Education Services

Our administration shall invest heavily in revamping educational infrastructure, upgrading deteriorating schools, and providing skill and vocational training. A key focus is on youth empowerment, with the goal of training and empowering young people to become future leaders. We aims to provide quality and affordable education, including scholarships for deserving students.

Quality Healthcare Services

The healthcare system in our state is in dire straits, with inadequate infrastructure and high costs preventing people from accessing basic medical care. Our healthcare strategy seeks to improve access, affordability, and quality of healthcare services, with a strong emphasis on primary healthcare and public awareness across the 21 Local Government of the State.

Agricultural Development

Agriculture is a major income source worldwide, including Kogi State, which has untapped potential. Today, Kogi faces challenges of obsolete equipment and neglected farmlands. Our administration plans to attract investors, improve infrastructure, and support farmers with inputs, loans, and technical assistance to revitalize these areas and restore economic vitality.

Infrastructural Development

Our administration plans to address the issue of bad roads, improve on transportation, housing, and town planning in Kogi State, including the establishment of a Kogi State Capital Development Authority for infrastructure management and development.offers the potential for significant positive impacts, including boosting the state's economy.


A research evaluation suggests that Kogi State has significant potential to generate wealth from culture and tourism due to its cultural and tourist sites. Our administration plans to partner with the private sector to invest in and promote these sectors, particularly the creative industry. We aim to attract artists and investors to tap into the artistic and cultural wealth of Kogi State by creating an entertainment village.


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MURI believes that a leader leads from behind and he is committed to being the servant leader that Kogi State badly needs.

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