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Alh. MURTALA— A Leader  A Candidate A Politician  for New Generation

“For so long, Kogi has been under bad leadership. I am bringing a Breath of Fresh Air and Fresh Ideas for the good of the State.” – MURI

Crafting a New Narrative for Kogi State

Crafting a compelling narrative for Kogi State's future, where it emerges as a hub of success, prosperity, and progress.

Together We Shape the Future of Excellence

Be a part of the movement as Kogi rises to become a beacon of excellence, demonstrating the potential for a flourishing Nigeria

A New Beginning for Kogi: Empower Kogi's Future with Muri

MURI believes that a leader leads from behind and he is committed to being the servant leader that Kogi State badly needs.


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About Murtala Ajaka Muri

The True Leader for the better Kogi State

Hon. Murtala Yakubu Ajaka MURI was born on the 13th day of February, 1978 of a noble and respectable parentage. He began his early education at the Roman Catholic Mission (RCM) Primary School, Ajaka, Igalamela/Odolu Local Government Area of Kogi State, and completed his primary education at the Federal Polytechnic Staff School, Idah.

Vision & Mission

To build a leadership that is focused on attitudinal / behavioral reorientation where the citizens of the State direct, dictate and motivate far-reaching governmental policies and programs.


To create a sub-national State that thrives on equality, equity and sustainable development for  the  benefit  of  all regardless of their geo- demography.


Empowering Citizens for Effective Governance

We aim to empower citizens, enabling them to actively shape government policies and programs, fostering a more effective and inclusive governance model.

A New Era of Citizen-Centered Governance

To establish a governance era where citizens lead the way, influencing decisions and propelling the transformation of policies for a citizen-centric approach.

Your Voice, Your Future: Join Our Movement

Join our movement for change, where your voice matters, your aspirations are realized, and together, we build a future aligned with your vision for our State.

7 Point agenda

Here are some of the key issues from the administration 7 point agenda that will drive the policy and implementation guideline of our administration.

Security, Peace and Harmony

Ensuring safety, peace, and harmony in Kogi State is our top priority. Join us in our commitment to secure lives and property for a better future.

Economic Development And Job Creation

Building a prosperous Kogi State by fostering economic growth, attracting investments, and leveraging our vast resources. Join us for a brighter future

Quality Education Services

Securing equal educational opportunities and dedicating resources to enhance public schools, laying a solid groundwork for every child's future. Join us for a brighter future.

Campaign EVent

Murtala Ajaka Visit to Ayangba

Murtala Ajaka Visit to Ankpa Township Stadium

Murtala Ajaka Visit to Onu Ankpa

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Murtala Ajaka Logo

MURI believes that a leader leads from behind and he is committed to being the servant leader that Kogi State badly needs.

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Murtala Yakubu Ajaka for Kogi Governorship Election 2023

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